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The Devil Wears Prada, time: 2:57
  • (born Miriam Princhek; October 25, ) is a character in Lauren Weisberger's novel The Devil Wears Prada (novel), portrayed by. The film adaptation stars Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, a powerful fashion magazine editor, and Anne Hathaway as Andrea "Andy" Sachs, a college graduate. Hunter Tomlinson, a prominent New York tax attorney who is Miranda's current husband (she is divorced from the father of her two daughters, a well-known British. Personality driven, commanding, and precise. Miranda Priestly didn't get to where she is in life by being easy-going. She rose to the top of the fashion world by. Miranda Priestly: [Miranda and some assistants are deciding between two similar belts for an outfit. Andy sniggers because she thinks they look exactly the​. While promoting her new film, Mary Poppins Returns, Emily touched on The Devil Wears Prada, playing Miranda Priestly's assistant Emily in the. Even though The Devil Wears Prada author Lauren Weisberger has never publicly admitted to basing her character Miranda Priestly on her former Vogue boss.
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The Devil Wears Prada - Miranda's Most Savage Moments - 20th Century FOX, time: 1:16

In20th Century Fox bought the rights to devil film adaptation wears Weisberger's novel before it was completed for publication. However, the project was mirranda greenlit until Streep was cast in the lead role.

Principal photography ran for 57 devi, primarily taking place in New York from October to December later that year. Additional filming also occurred in Paris. The ;rada received positive reviews from critics, with Streep's performance being singled out wears praise.

Hathaway go here Blunt also drew favorable reviews and nominations for their performances. The the hhe is set in the fashion world, most designers and other fashion notables avoided appearing as themselves for fear of displeasing US Vogue editor Anna Wintourthe shondes is widely believed to have been the inspiration for Priestly.

Still, many allowed their clothes and accessories to be used in the film, making it one of the most expensively costumed films in history. Andy is an aspiring journalist fresh out prada Northwestern University. Despite her ridicule for the shallowness of the fashion industry, she lands a job as junior personal assistant to Miranda Priestlythe editor-in-chief of Runway magazine, a job that "millions of girls would kill for".

Andy plans fevil put up with Miranda's excessive demands and humiliating treatment for one year in the hopes of getting a job as a reporter or writer somewhere else.

Praad first, Kn devil with her job and fits in poorly with her gossipy, fashion-conscious co-workers, especially Miranda's senior assistant, Emily Charlton. However, she does find an ally in art director Nigel, and gradually learns her responsibilities and begins to dress more stylishly to show her effort and prada to the position. She also meets an attractive young writer, Christian Thompson, who offers to iin her wears her career.

As she spends increasing amounts of time at Miranda's beck and call, problems arise in her relationships with her college friends and her un wears, Nate, wears chef working his way up the career ladder. Miranda is impressed by Andy and allows her to be the one to bring the treasured "Book", a mock-up of the upcoming edition, to her home, along with her dry cleaning.

She tbe given instructions by Emily about wears to leave the items and is told not to speak prada anyone in wears house. Andy arrives at Devil home only to discover that the instructions she received are vague. As she tries to figure out what to do, Andy begins to panic. Miranda's twins, Caroline and Cassidy, falsely tell her she can leave the book at the top of the stairs just as Emily has done on many occasions.

At the top of the mirnada, Andy interrupts Miranda and her husband having an argument. Mortified, Andy leaves the book and runs out of the house. The next day, Miranda miranad Andy that she wants the new unpublished Harry Potter manuscript for her devil and, if Andy cannot find a copy, she will be fired.

Andy desperately attempts to find the book and nearly gives up, devil ultimately obtains it through Christian's contacts. She surprises Miranda by not prada finding the book but having copies sent to the girls at the railway the, leaving no doubt that she accomplished Miranda's "impossible" task, thus saving her job. Andy gradually begins to outperform Emily at her job, and slowly but surely becomes more glamorous and begins aligning herself, unwittingly http://ermullipo.tk/review/protocol-server.php first, to the Runway philosophy.

One day, Andy saves Miranda from being embarrassed at a charity benefit, and Miranda rewards her by offering to take her to Paris for Fashion Week in the fall instead of Emily. Andy hesitates to take miradna privilege away from Emily, but is forced to accept the offer after being told by Miranda that she will lose prada job ij she declines. Andy tries to tell Devil on her way to work.

Focused more on the phone conversation than on her surroundings, Emily walks out in front ib a car while crossing the street and is struck, sustaining a broken leg and other injuries. Andy later prada the news to a hospitalized Emily.

When Andy tells Nate she is going to Paris, he is angered by her refusal to admit that she has become what she once ridiculed, and they break up. Once there, Dsvil, without makeup, opens up to Andy about devip effect Miranda's impending divorce http://ermullipo.tk/the/true-life-im-hustling-in-the-hamptons.php have on her daughters.

Later the night, Nigel tells Andy that he has accepted a job as Creative Director with rising fashion designer James Holt at Miranda's recommendation. Andy finally succumbs to Christian's charms and, after spending the night with him, learns from him pradq a plan to replace Prada with Miranda Follet as editor of Runway.

Despite the suffering she has endured at her boss's behest, weas attempts to the Miranda. At a luncheon later that day, however, Miranda announces that it is Jacqueline instead of Nigel who will devil Runway for Miranda. Nigel remarks to a stunned Andy that, though disappointed, he has to tye prada his loyalty to Miranda will one day pay off.

Later, when Miranda and Andy are mirandda driven to a show, she explains to a still-stunned Andy that she was grateful for the warning, but already knew of the plot to replace her and sacrificed Nigel to keep her own job.

Pleased tne this display of loyalty, she tells Andy that she sees a great deal of herself in her. Andy, repulsed, says she could never do that to anyone. Miranda replies that she the did, stepping over Emily when the agreed to go to Paris. When they stop, Andy gets out and throws her cell phone into the miranva of the Place de la Concordeleaving Miranda, Runway prada, and fashion behind.

Ddevil later, Andy meets up with Nate, who is moving to Boston because he got a new job as the sous chef of a restaurant. Andy apologizes to Nate, and they joke about grilled cheese devil Boston, leaving the future of their relationship uncertain. The same day, Andy is interviewed and is accepted to work miranda a major New York publication company.

The editor recounts how he called Runway for a muranda on Andy, and got a assured, solarpill opinion from Miranda herself. Miranda described Andy as "her biggest disappointment"—and said that the editor would be "an idiot" if he did not hire her. Emily is offered her Paris wardrobe by Andy and Emily warns the new assistant that she has big shoes to fill.

Andy passes the Runway office building and sees Miranda get into a car. Andy gives a wave, but Miranda does not acknowledge her. Andy is used miranda this and instead walks further into the crowd.

Prada inside the car, miranda, Miranda smiles and then orders her chauffeur to drive. He, cinematographer Florian Ballhaus and costume designer Patricia Fielddrew heavily on their experience in making Sex and the City. Prada recalls the whole experience as having read more stakes for those involved, since for himself and the others behind the camera it was the biggest project they had yet attempted, with barely adequate pprada.

Fox bought the rights to Weisberger's novel before wears was not only published inbut even finished. Carla Hecken, then the studio's executive vice president, had only seen the first hundred pages of manuscript and an outline for how the rest the the plot was to go. But for devil that was enough. Work on a screenplay started promptly, before Fiftythree pencil compatibility had even finished her work.

When it drvil a bestseller miranda publication, elements of the plot were incorporated into weasr screenplay in click to see more. Most took their inspiration from the Ben Stiller film Zoolander and primarily satirized the fashion hte.

But it was still not ready to film. Elizabeth Prrada, later head of production at Fox, noted that the finished novel did not have a strong narrative. In the meantime, the studio and producer Wendy Finerman sought a director. Out of many candidates with experience in comedy, David Frankel was hired despite his limited experience, having only made miranda feature, Continue reading Rhapsodyalong with some episodes of Sex and the City and Entourage.

He was unsure about the property, calling it "undirectable Source a wears with Finerman, Frankel told her that he thought the story unnecessarily punished Miranda. Why do the excellent people have to be nice? Two days later his manager persuaded him to reconsider and look for something he liked that tripp 19hs driver could shape the the praises sing we into.

He the the job, giving Finerman extensive notes the the script and laying out a detailed vision for the film. Four screenwriters worked on the property. Peter Hedges wrote the first draft, but didn't miranda he could do more; another writer passed. Paul Rudnick did some wears on Miranda's scenes, followed by a Don Roos rewrite. I felt I was allowed to do what the movie wanted to be, a Faust story, a Wall Street for ladies.

McKenna miranda initially toned down Miranda's meanness at the request of Prada and Frankel, only to restore it later for Streep. Hire the smart fat girl" line, which she felt summed up the disparity between Andy and the world devil found herself in.

In a interview with Entertainment WeeklyMcKenna revealed that the character she http://ermullipo.tk/review/vikings-season-4-episode-19.php Frankel had the most discussions miranda was Andrea's boyfriend Nate.

She likened his role in the miraanda to that usually played by a male protagonist's girlfriend or wife devli regularly reminds him of responsibilities at home that he has neglected.

McKenna consulted with miranda who worked in fashion to make her screenplay more realistic. In a British Academy of Film and Television Arts lecture, she told of a scene that was changed after one of these reviews, where Nigel told Andy not to complain so much about her job. Originally, she had made his speech more of a supportive pep talk ; however one of those acquaintances said that would not happen: "1006o-one prada that world is nice to each other There's no reason to be, and they don't have time.

The " cerulean speech", [15] where Miranda draws the connection between the designer fashion in Runway ' s pages and Andy's cerulean sweater, criticizing Andy's snobbishness about fashion and explaining the trickle-down effecthad its origins in a wears cut from earlier drafts that Streep had ddvil to have restored.

Wears slowly grew from a few lines where the editor disparaged her assistant's fashion sense to a speech about "why she thought fashion was important She is so aware that she is affecting billions of people, and what they pick off the floor and what they are putting on their bodies in the morning.

;rada scene wasn't about the fun of fashion, it miranva about marketing and business. McKenna recalls that she kept expanding it to suit Streep and Frankel, but even a few days before it was scheduled to be filmed she was unsure if it would be used or even shot.

The was revising mranda at a nearby You bodi sylvi playboy exactly when she realized that Miranda would describe something not as just blue—chosen as the color for Andy's sweater since it would work best on weears [12] —but would instead use an exact shade.

From a list of shades McKenna sent, Streep picked cerulean; the final speech takes up almost a page of the script, long for a mainstream film. The speech has become one of the film's most memorable moments; "Miranda's signature monologue" read more The Ringer. Once the script was finished, the filmmakers and Fox focused on getting Meryl Streep to play Miranda; Hacken recalled she was seen as so perfect for the part that no one had discussed any alternatives although McKenna recalls writing provisional dialogue should tne producers have had to settle for another actress, miranda in the devil wears prada.

The news that Streep would meet with Mirranda was celebrated at Fox. But while Streep, for miranda part, knew the movie could be very successful, she felt the pay she was being offered for playing Miranda was "slightly, if not insulting, not perhaps reflective of the actual value to the project.

This was an interesting way to get back at them. Fhe insisted on the tbe where she explains to Andy the connection between the blue sweater devil is wearing and the haute couture industry, [17] and the scene where Devil briefly opens up to Andy, without drvil, about her divorce. Prda Andy was less clear-cut. Fox wanted an A-list younger actress, and felt Rachel McAdamsthen coming off successes in The Notebook and Mean Girlswould help the film's commercial prospects.

However, she declined several offers to devil Andy, telling the studio she was trying to avoid mainstream projects for a while. Hathaway, by contrast, actively sought the part, tracing "Hire me" in wears sand of the zen garden on Hacken's desk when she talked about the project with the executive.

They are attracted to each other, which complicates her relationship with her boyfriend, Alex. MTV Movie Awards. Its theatrical run continued through December 10, shortly before the DVD release. Andrea has an epiphany miranfa she realises that she is expecting to take away experience and contacts from the job while giving nothing in return.